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Steve Job RESIGNS AS CEO! What does this mean for the fate of Apple?

25 Aug
Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07

Image via Wikipedia

Steve Jobs has been sick for a very long time with a cancer. Just an hour ago he has decided to resign from his duties as CEO. What does this mean for Apple? Will Tim Cook be able to step into Steve Job’s Shoes? His request of his resignation is something that is very surprising. He is involved in anything and everything of Apple Products… his personality and genius ideas and intuition has helped Apple get to its success today. Steve Jobs I think is one of the valuable CEo in the history of business. This company is literally about to change… Will it stay the same as the most valuable company? Tim Cook isn’t new at all to the business scene at all, hopefully Apple can still stay the same with his help. But no one can come up with design and marketing like Steve Jobs.


Surprised or Not Really? The Death of Amy Winehouse at 27

27 Jul
Amy Winehouse at Eurockéennes de Belfort (Fest...

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   Amy Wine house was  found dead Saturday at her North London home. Many suspect drug abuse, but  Winehouse’s death has been labeled “undetermined”, by an autopsy held Monday that  failed to tell what caused her death. Police and friends and  family are awaiting the results of toxicology tests, which will take two to four weeks. 

Amy Winehouse was known best for her chart topping song “Rehab” which talked about her record label’s  plea for her to seek rehab. She was first noticed in the UK with her first CD with Universal called “Frank” and quickly grew with connectons like Producer Mark  Ronson. Who later helped her produce her CD “Back to Black” . Making her a popular name in the U.S. 

   With her unique sound and rhythm, Winehouse will hopefully be remembered for her sound in music than her fight with the press. Her father has announced that he is planning to open a charity in his daughter’s honor. The Amy Winehouse  Foundation. A charity rasing money for the help of addicts. Many  celebs ( like Mark Ronson and Kelly Osbourne) , british natives, and family members are still mourning her death. She will truly be missed.

 Amy Winehouse 


September 14, 1983 – July 23 , 2011



I’m Back! : Cruisin’ on the Baha Sea but Took a Stop to Shop in Miami

27 Jul
MS Imagination, Carnival Cruise Line ship dock...

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Just got back from crusing on the Carnival Imagination!!! It was so much fun. As soon as I have access to a USB cord, my phone’s wi-fi, and a working computer thats NOT from the 80s with flash; I’ll post pictures. I had so much fun though, I met lots of exciting new people.

Stay tuned for more updates with pictures! (:

It seems like Summer is never long enough!

15 Jul
What's in my bag? - School

Image by Brandy Shaul via Flickr

In the middle of July, if you look around, Sales for School supplies are quietly creeping in your media Ads.

That is when it hit me; Summer seems so short. It goes like this (snap of a finger) and then it’s never there. august is just around the corner, and when it bites you in the bum; the prices for school supplies will do the same thing.

Highschool itself is hard to shop for. Especially since you don’t get the list of supplies til 2 weeks or so. When all the sales are gone and the prices are all jacked up.

Is it  just me or does Summer seem like it’s quietly creeping to its end ?

I’ve Learned My Lesson: The World Lives on Technology.

11 Jul

     For the past few weeks, I’ve learned about the world and how its built its life around wires and 4G chips. If you don’t have technology then you basically lose track in what you are doing in life. Everyone these days is so interested in Facebook and Twitter. Now a days, if you want an invite to a party, there is no ” hand – invatation”. Why don’t you  just check your profile wall on Facebook.. or I’ll bet you were sent a PM?
      I mean its gone to the point that on Twitter people update what they are doing.. and write comments on your board in like little symbols: #pickingJacob Says: Eating A Apple right now.  Yep some people are just that obsessed.

     But hey who has a problem with it? I mean I don’t mind learning the art of the “touchscreen” or watching my television with 3-D glasses. It’s all part of the trend. What do you think?

Who Gives a Crud If It’s Fake !

5 Jul
Fake Coach Bag

A example of a fake coach.

    You know how you have that friend who has that really cute Prada purse. You took a second glance to notice that the bag looks like a – a knockoff. That PRADA bag ends up being a Praaaaada bag. You question her about it to find out she already knowns about the “Purchase”. This happens almost everyday. Around the highschool cafeteria to Moms at Book Club on Tuesdays. Anyone or everyone has seen a knock-off or counterfiet once in their life. So what’s the problem if YOU decided to buy one? Why should YOU go to jail for purchasing one. What ever happend to the First Amendment? Do we really have to add that I should have the freedom to have consumer’s choice? We are talking about CLOTHING and HANDBAGS! NOT Drugs or Medication. It should be my choice as the consumer to buy whatever I want.

A consumer has no Idea that the bag they bought in Chinatown on Friday was made by a child or had any ties to terrorism. If they weren’t aware that they were supporting this matter; why should they go to jail? Especially during this Economy?! No one has time or the money to be paying for a $ 1200 – $5000 bag that could actually be the money for their families’ SURVIVAL for that month.

Just because we aren’t doing one more thing that could give the Goverment even MORE money, (This being after taxes are taken out of paychecks not being used as we would like it ) while they are worrying about Gaccciii bags and Praaadda purses a REAL more serious  crime can be happening right across the street.

How do you feel about Counterfeit or Knock-off merchandise?

Summer : Is it boring Yet?

3 Jul

While looking out to the car window , I notice people. Old People, Young people, Black people, White people, Asian people, etc and they definittley didn’t look like these people above. Where am I getting at with all this you say? They all looked pooped out in this Texas  100 degree weather! I was watcing the 5 am news on Monday. The weatherman says ” Oh goody news folks.. we’ve reached 102 degress today…” he said it with a happy cheerful voice and a smile to match. Im’m thinking, what’s so happy about that? Do you know what you are saying? That’s like… supposed to be a good thing? I ignored this grin and HAD to turn to something else. What’s up with you and your summer. Are you already bored or just getting started? 🙂 Also, does your Summer weather look like the picture above?