Steve Job RESIGNS AS CEO! What does this mean for the fate of Apple?

25 Aug
Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07

Image via Wikipedia

Steve Jobs has been sick for a very long time with a cancer. Just an hour ago he has decided to resign from his duties as CEO. What does this mean for Apple? Will Tim Cook be able to step into Steve Job’s Shoes? His request of his resignation is something that is very surprising. He is involved in anything and everything of Apple Products… his personality and genius ideas and intuition has helped Apple get to its success today. Steve Jobs I think is one of the valuable CEo in the history of business. This company is literally about to change… Will it stay the same as the most valuable company? Tim Cook isn’t new at all to the business scene at all, hopefully Apple can still stay the same with his help. But no one can come up with design and marketing like Steve Jobs.


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